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Global Real Estate Investment: Top Countries for Highest ROI in 2023

Global Real Estate Investment: Top Countries for Highest ROI in 2023

Real estate investment remains a popular and potentially lucrative venture worldwide. However, the return on investment (ROI) can vary significantly from one country to another. This article provides a detailed overview of the global ROI ratings for real estate investment, highlighting the countries and cities offering the highest gross rental yields. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a newcomer to the real estate market, understanding these ratings is crucial in making informed investment decisions.

Country/City Gross Rental Yield (% per annum)
Northern Cyprus 10,55%
South Africa 9.95%
Georgia 9.01%
Ireland 8.38%
Puerto Rico 8.36%
Latvia 7.81%
Colombia 7.70%
Morocco 7.62%
Indonesia 7.55%
Italy 7.49%
Lithuania 6.67%
Romania 6.63%
Turkey 6.52%
Poland 6.29%
Spain 6.09%
Thailand 6.07%
Mexico 6.03%
Montenegro 5.95%
Uruguay 5.92%
Argentina 5.90%
Portugal 5.64%
Peru 5.55%
Qatar 5.50%
Egypt 5.42%
Tunisia 5.33%
Sweden 5.29%
Slovak Republic 5.29%
Greece 5.22%
Brazil 5.22%
Philippines 5.21%
North Macedonia 5.21%
Netherlands 5.19%
Malaysia 5.16%
Iceland 5.09%
Hungary 5.09%
Chile 4.99%
United Arab Emirates 4.93%
Cyprus 4.93%
Singapore 4.78%
Estonia 4.74%
Croatia 4.59%
Bulgaria 4.56%
India 4.54%
France 4.39%
Slovenia 4.32%
Japan 4.30%
Denmark 4.28%
Finland 4.24%
Belgium 4.11%
Vietnam 4.04%
Czech Republic 3.95%
Norway 3.79%
Malta 3.66%
Austria 3.66%
Germany 3.55%
Switzerland 3.08%
Hong Kong 3.08%
Israel 2.83%
Luxembourg 2.59%
Taiwan 2.04%

High-Yield Investment Destinations

Northern Cyprus: Leading the Pack

With a staggering gross rental yield of 10.55% per annum, Northern Cyprus tops our list. This Mediterranean gem offers a unique combination of affordable property prices and growing tourist interest, making it an attractive spot for real estate investors.

South Africa: A Close Contender

South Africa follows closely with a 9.95% yield. The country’s diverse real estate market, coupled with its vibrant urban centers like Johannesburg and Cape Town, presents numerous opportunities for high rental income.

Other Notable Mentions

  • Georgia: This Eurasian country offers a yield of 9.01%, thanks to its growing economy and increasing foreign investment.
  • Ireland: With a yield of 8.38%, Ireland’s strong property market is bolstered by its robust economy and high demand for rental properties.
  • Puerto Rico: This Caribbean island offers a yield of 8.36%, attracting investors with its beautiful landscapes and favorable tax laws.

Mid-Range Investment Opportunities

Countries like Latvia (7.81%), Colombia (7.70%), and Morocco (7.62%) offer substantial yields as well. These nations provide a balance of reasonable property prices and steady rental demand.

Lower Yield, But Stable Markets

At the lower end of the spectrum, countries like Switzerland (3.08%), Hong Kong (3.08%), and Israel (2.83%) offer lower yields. However, they are known for their stable and mature real estate markets, which might appeal to investors seeking lower risk.

The global real estate market is diverse, with each country offering unique opportunities and challenges. Northern Cyprus, South Africa, and Georgia currently lead in terms of ROI, but other countries also present attractive options depending on the investor’s risk appetite and investment strategy.

Investing in real estate is a significant decision, and it’s essential to conduct thorough research and possibly consult with real estate professionals before diving in. With the right approach, real estate can be a rewarding investment, offering both rental income and capital appreciation.


Data based on: Global Property Guide

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